Heat Resistant Paint for High Temperature Coating Solution

High Temperature Coating Solutions

Need protective coatings used in high heat condition? Heat resistant paint is developed to provide reliable corrosion protection under high or sometimes extremely high temperature conditions. One of the most challenging protective coating situations is related to heat resistance. In some cases, high temperature coatings are required to have high protection performance up to 600°C to 700°C or even higher.

There is a constant demand in many industries for such protective coatings with heat resistance function. For example, temperature resistant coatings are widely used in offshore, power, food and petrochemical industries. This type of coating paints are often seen applied to the below equipment or areas:

  • Piping
  • Exhausts
  • Chimneys
  • Power stacks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Processing equipment
  • High temperature boilers

SHBW (Shanghai Baiwei) has its high temperature coating solutions based on products from world-class coating manufacturers. Our professional team has decade’s experience in deploying such special protective coating solutions from Jotun, PPG (Sigma) and Akzo Nobel International Paint. Over the years, our protective coating specialists have built up in-depth product knowledge of temperature resistant coatings under these world famous brands.

Each of the paint manufacturers has its own unique range of heat resistant coating paints. From our experience, below are the popular choices from each of the brands.

We can also provide other heat resistant coatings for extremely high temperature. Such special protective coating products can work in temperature as high as 1000°C (over 1800°F),  some even up to 2000°C (over 3600°F) intermittently.

Based on our experience and knowledge of products, SHBW is confident to provide you with efficient heat resistant coating solutions. Please contact us about your special needs for coatings with good temperature resistance performance. Our product specialists certainly can help you choose the most cost effective coating paints with right level of heat resistance. You will be supported by a strong technical team of dedicated coating professionals.

Already know which specific set of heat resistant paints to use, just want to search for the best price? No problems, simply tell us what coating products (Jotun, PPG or International Paint) you have chosen. Our friendly team will work with you to achieve the lowest cost for your high temperature coating solutions.

Alternatively, you can leave a message below about the biggest problem you currently have or other information you want to see on this page. We will address your individual needs directly.

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